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The Weekly Roundup Nov 5th
Potato Diet? How about a bowl of rich risotto on a diet? All in the roundup...

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The Weekly Roundup October 29th
Happy Halloween! Grab our favorite cocktail for trick or drinking...

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Lower This To Lose Weight

Lower This To Lose Weight

Shiver and shake for some extra calorie burn...

Skinny Party Mix

Skinny Party Mix

A spicy, snack mix just 3 PointsPlus for Superbowl...  Read More...

Classico Creamy Light Alfredo

Classico Creamy Light Alfredo

Light and Alfredo don't usually go together but...

Celebrity Trainer Shares Top Tips

Celebrity Trainer Shares Top Tips

Star trainer shares tips on overcoming weight-loss plateau...

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From fabulous food finds to flattering fashions and more... Chris & Lisa are scooping it up!! No Hoodia-Hype or absurd diet advice here... just relevant news you can use! Whether you’re looking to lose, or struggling to maintain... Skinny Scoopers is the perfect companion to any weight loss program, routine, or diet.

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main-2scoops_newsrotatorWe have a NEW duo for Two Scoops!  Check out this husband and wife team! Follow their progress as they bravely head down the weightloss path.
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backsideIs it Hot in Here, or is that Just You???

It’s the biggest self-worth pitfall we can think of... you don’t feel great about yourself, so you just let it ALL go. Sweats, baseball cap, and old school chapstick are your daily attire.

Well, we’re here to say, ‘SNAP OUT OF IT’!!!  You can be a ravishing beauty at any size and we're here to give you all the tips... from booty-lifting jeans to slimming sweaters and skirts! Read more...